Why do potential employers look for you online before deciding whether or not to hire you?



We’re all well aware that potential employers are more than likely going to search for us online before inviting us in for an interview or offering us a job. Are companies doing this purely because they’re nosy or do they want to see what we get up to in our private lives before they make a decision about us professionally?

Recruiters have revealed the top three reasons why 93% of them will search for your social media profile at some point during the interview process and believe it or not, it’s not just because they’re intrigued to see what you look like or what you get up to at the weekend.

Are you a good cultural fit?

51% of hiring managers say they will search for potential employees online in order to decipher whether or not they would be a good cultural fit for the company. Facebook for example is a much more accurate portrayal of what we’re actually like than our CV or the performance we put on during a job interview where we’re saying what we think the employer wants to hear.

What are you really like?

45% of recruiters are sifting through your social media profile because they want to know more about you. What do you post or tweet about? Are you articulate, friendly and intelligent or are you argumentative, aggressive and foul-mouthed? More importantly however, employers are looking for evidence of what you’ve listed on your CV so this can be anything from your education and experience to previous jobs.

Are you creative?

Believe it or not, 44% of hiring managers are looking to see how innovative and original you are in what you do online. After all, how you choose to use the latest networking tools and technologies can say a lot about how social, savvy and skilled you are.

What employers would rather not encounter on your social media profile

We’ve all heard it 100 times about how we need to be careful about the content and photos that we’re posting online. Whilst drinking too much at a party and passing out shouldn’t automatically disqualify someone from a job, the act of posting evidence of it online and boasting about it can demonstrate that you’re not savvy about personal branding and how to market yourself.

What you say and do on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or whichever your preferred platform is, really is important. An incredible 42% of recruiters said that they have changed their mind about whether or not to hire someone based on what they have found out about them online. Below are some of the things employers say they least want to see in candidate social profiles:

  • 83% are put off by references about using illegal drugs
  • 71% don’t want to see posts of a sexual nature
  • 65% don’t appreciate the use of profanity
  • 61% will judge you if you’re using poor spelling or grammar
  • 47% would rather not see photos of you consuming alcohol

If you’re a recruiter, what are your thoughts about potential employees’ social media profiles? Do you think that what they get up to in their spare time is up to them or do you feel it reflects on your company and brand? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.

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