How do candidates want to be recruited?

hiringOne of the many secrets to recruitment is understanding what the best talent wants. What motivates them and what are their aspirations? Knowing this will keep them satisfied and engaged throughout the recruitment process and will also lead to long-term and successful hires.

The following data was collected from 20,000 professionals across the world and details exactly what candidates do and don’t want to experience during their job search.

The three things candidates want to learn from their first communication with you – the role’s main responsibilities, why they are right for the job and an estimated salary range.

Whilst it may seem like a waste of time contacting candidates who aren’t looking to move on from their current role, believe it or not, an incredible 80% of professionals do want to hear from recruiters even if they’re aren’t actively job hunting.

The interview is a pivotal point in the job search journey. Nearly 9 in 10 professionals say a good interview experience can change their mind about a job or company that they previously had doubts about. On the day of the interview, 49% want specific product or business questions answered, 46% want to have a conversation with the leadership team and don’t forget to follow up because 47% want to hear back from you regardless of the outcome.

What seals the deal?

The top reasons why people accept a new job: 49% say better compensation, 21% will move to a company they feel offers a better work culture and 14% will leave their current job if they feel they can have more influence in another role. Surprisingly however, only 6% would take a job for a better job title.

What matters when it comes to company culture?

Every business knows that a good company culture is crucial but what exactly are candidates looking for? 33% want better professional development, 29% want a better work/life balance, 25% want more challenging work and 23% strive for a role that fits their skill set.

Where job searches start

When candidates are beginning their job search, building relationships is key. 56% will turn to their connections on professional social networking sites and 50% will have conversations with contacts to try and discover companies that are hiring. Encouraging employees to act as brand ambassadors, staying connected with potential future recruits and making all candidates feel like a part of your company’s inner circle will go far in improving your relationships and ultimately yielding more applicants and better hires.

If you need help with any aspect of your recruitment process, please feel free to contact Choralis and we will be more than happy to help.

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