How to sell yourself as a great employer

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With many parts of the UK reporting a higher number of jobs than candidates, it has never been more important for companies to understand how to attract high quality applicants. Being a desirable place to work is half the battle so below are some great ways that you can help to sell yourself as a great employer.

Get social

Social media provides a brilliant platform for you to promote your brand, show your true personality and give potential candidates an insight into life at your company. Posting client testimonials, positive reviews and information about any rewards or recognition shows that you’re a reputable organisation. Photos of team building days or nights out shows the human side of your company and people will see that colleagues get on well and that it’s a fun place to work.

Write a great job advert

A well-written and targeted ad can play a huge role in the success of your recruitment drive. Pay close attention to the language you’re using, make sure your tone of voice in on brand, highlight the benefits of working for your company and remember to be engaging and personable.

This advert is the only thing a candidate has to gauge whether or not you sound like a company they want to work for and it makes a huge difference to the number and quality of applicants you receive.

What makes you unique?

Any employee can move from job to job but if you want to attract high quality, in-demand candidates, you’re going to need something that makes you unique. Perhaps you have a quirky office, can offer quick career progression, bonus schemes, international travel, have a generous benefits package or great social life. Whatever your USP is, make sure you communicate it effectively.

Make sure management are personable 

Generally, business is a lot less formal than it used to be. Many companies have introduced casual Fridays, working from home, early finishes, team lunches outside the office and flexible working hours. These perks are incredibly desirable to candidates because it creates a great company culture and also increases motivation, engagement, loyalty and general happiness.

Try to ensure that your management team adopts this same laid-back approach. Nobody wants to feel intimidated by their boss or too scared to approach them. If employees know that they can talk to their manager about problems as well as share any new ideas they have, they are much more likely to be happy and motivated in their job.

If you would like more information, advice or help attracting great candidates into your organisation, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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