ACAWhat is the ACA?

ACA (Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants) in England & Wales (ICAEW) is regarded worldwide as the premier financial business qualification.

To achieve the ACA, you must complete a training contract which will last between 3 and 5 years, pass the Institute examinations, and complete the work experience requirements. Becoming an ACA ensures that your career will be diverse, full of opportunity and rewarding.

It’s a challenging qualification that will demand a lot of hard work, commitment and determination. Once qualified, your ACA will be recognised.

What is the ICAEW?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) is the largest professional accountancy body in Europe. They play an important part in ensuring their members meet the increasing needs of business and the general public by developing and maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct and competence.

Members of the Institute are entitled to the description Chartered Accountant and to the letters ACA or FCA, depending on their experience and length of membership.

The benefits of becoming an ACA member are endless and include:

  • Member-only resources such as books, journals, reports and economic forecasts.
  • Technical insight with access to regulatory news, publications, thought leadership and best practice guidance.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Access to member groups and networking.

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