Seven quick and easy ways to declutter the office and boost productivity

Messy deskA cluttered office is a surefire way to kill motivation, productivity and creativity. If you’re guilty of having a messy desk or office, here are some simple tips that if followed regularly will help to create a workplace paradise.

Keep the floor clean. Keeping bags, stacks of papers, boxes and anything else that usually takes up floor space not only helps to keep the place tidier but it can also help to create the illusion of space and eliminates any tripping hazards.

Throw away the ‘nice to reads’. We bet you have a stack of magazine articles, brochures and newspaper clippings that you put aside to read later. Unfortunately, ‘later’ rarely ever comes around and before you know it your desk is overrun with paperwork that isn’t even important. Be tough with yourself and if you haven’t read it by the end of the week, throw it away.

Pass it on to someone who needs it. It’s much easier to get rid of things you don’t really need if you know it’s going to someone who can put it to good use. You may not need that training manual you acquired in your first week on the job but a new starter certainly will appreciate it.

Stop archiving everything. If you’re storing something then chances are that you’re not intending on using it very often. Aside from important client files and legal documents, try to archive as little as possible. You will save valuable memory space and it will be much easier to find things when you need them again.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t work. Office equipment is expensive which makes it all the more difficult to throw away when it breaks. Whether it’s a chair, computer, phone, coffee machine or printer, if you didn’t repair it immediately then chances are you never will so it should just go in the bin.

Recycle. There really isn’t any need for companies to have a lot of paperwork these days. Contracts, official employee documents and tax forms are of course a necessity but anything that you can access online should be in the recycling bin rather than on your desk.

Do an end-of-day tidy-up. Five minutes before you leave the office do a quick tidy-up of your desk and surrounding area. Unnecessary paperwork in the recycle bin, the remains of your lunch in the rubbish bin, wash up any used mugs and glasses and anything else you genuinely need to keep can probably go in your drawer. Doing this every evening prevents a big build-up and you will feel much more motivated when you get to your desk the next morning.

Do you have any other great tips for keeping your desk and office tidy? Do you find you work better in a clean environment or do thrive amongst chaos? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.

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