How do you attract quality candidates?

finance recruitmentThe one thing every employer wants to know is how to attract quality candidates. Aside from knowing where to look, the one thing you need to know for successful recruitment is exactly what job seekers are looking for in their next role.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the best ways to attract quality candidates to your workforce.

Utilise your social media

The average person in the UK has five different social media accounts and spends nearly two hours every day on them. If this is where people are spending their time, it makes sense to try and reach them through this medium.

If you’re not convinced that job seekers want to hear from recruiters via social media, the following statistics collected by company review site, Glassdoor should change your mind:

  • 79% of people are likely to use social media when looking for a new job
  • This goes up to 86% among those who are in the first ten years of their career
  • 42% of candidates say that they feel it’s important for employers to engage in social media
  • This goes up to 53% among those who are in the first ten years of their career
  • Despite these figures, nearly two in three employees say that their current employer doesn’t (or they’re unaware if they do) use social media to promote any job opportunities at the company
  • Nearly three in four say that their employer doesn’t (or they’re unaware if they do) promote their employment brand on social media

Offer the right incentives

The perks a company offers is often what sets them apart from their competitors and can play a huge role in swaying someone to accept a job offer. It’s important that you understand exactly what it is that candidates want however:

  • The majority of job seekers (52%) are looking for opportunities to grow within the company
  • 44% want a decent salary
  • 43% are swayed by good health benefits
  • 37% want flexible working hours
  • 23% would like the option to be able to work from home sometimes
  • 15% would like to be offered equity/stock options
  • 13% are interested in career planning programmes
  • A good work-life balance has become incredibly important to employees and 59% say that they are happy to accept lower pay for perks such as unlimited holiday, flexible working hours and/or being able to work from home

The main reasons why employees leave a company

Naturally, when you find a great employee you want to do everything you can to hold on to them for as long as possible. As well as understanding how to attract candidates in the first place, it’s also very important to monitor employee satisfaction. Here are some of the most common reasons why people leave their job:

  • 33% will move on if there’s no career growth
  • 27% can be lured away if they’re offered a better salary elsewhere
  • 15% are looking for a better company culture
  • 14% want a better work-life balance
  • 12% aren’t happy with the work environment
  • 11% of employees leave their jobs because of the company outlook/performance

If you would like help attracting quality candidates to your company, please feel free to contact Choralis Consulting and we will be more than happy to assist.

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