How jobseeker behaviour is changing


The recruitment industry has evolved dramatically over the last decade thanks to continued advancements in technology.

Fortunately, the days where recruiters would sit around waiting for candidates to come in and register with them are long gone. Thanks to the likes of intuitive job boards and social media platforms, recruiters and hiring managers can now be a lot more proactive.

It’s not just the way that recruitment is carried out that’s different however, jobseeker behaviour is changing too.

They’re changing jobs more frequently

In the past, it was common for candidates to stay with the same employer for years, sometimes even decades. Typically, we would join a company and move up the ranks internally. Nowadays however, employees tend to move jobs more frequently as they look for promotional opportunities, better pay and workplace benefits.

There are several contributing factors towards this shift but one of the main reasons is the rise in the number of small businesses in the UK. Employee turnover is naturally higher is start-ups and SMEs because there are fewer opportunities for promotion. They are however great places to gain valuable work experience.

They want to be able to work remotely  

Technology has had a huge impact on how we work and it has enabled employers to offer desirable benefits such as remote working. The Office for National Statistics reports that up to 14% of the UK’s working population works from home sometimes or all of the time and this is a perk that more and more candidates look for when applying to new jobs.

While it might seem like a minor benefit, being able to achieve a good work-life balance, spend more time with family and reduce commuting time and costs is something that’s going to attract high quality candidates.

They use job boards differently

Job boards used to be somewhere candidates would simply apply to jobs and hope for the best. A recent study carried out by the recruitment software provider, Madgex found that more than half of all jobseekers now use them as a research tool to not just identify jobs, but also to find out a whole lot more about potential employers and the roles they’re advertising.

The research found that when looking on job boards, candidates expect to be able to find the following information:

  • 34% want salary information clearly displayed and 70% are more likely to apply for a role if it is
  • 50% want to see more information about the employer
  • The top reasons UK candidates head to job boards is because they want to be able to find local jobs and roles in their relevant industry

They use multiple platforms to look for jobs

There are so many job hunting platforms available these days that jobseekers no longer rely on just one trusted source. The same study from Madgex found that all candidates use at least four digital sources to find work and 42% will use eight or more.

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