Six bad reasons to quit your job

We all have bad days at work and sometimes they’re so bad that we’re tempted to have a look at what else is out there. For some people it simply is time to move on but for others, an impulse decision could lead to a regrettable move. If you’re thinking about changing jobs or even careers, have a read through of the points below to ensure that this really is the right decision for you.

Job Envy

Your friends may be going on about how much they love their job and how they’ve just received a promotion or pay rise and it’s easy to feel envious in this situation. Be cautious however that they’re probably not painting a full picture and that they will be experiencing downsides as well such as increased hours, a bigger workload or added stress.


Eventually boredom does set in for many of us at work. Perhaps you have been in the same role for a long time, don’t have enough work to keep you busy all day or are generally feeling unfulfilled in your job. If this is the case have a think about whether you can ask for more responsibilities, a promotion or even sign up for extra training. If you are still bored after this then maybe it is time to move on but sometimes all you need is a bit of variety to get your enthusiasm back.

Feeling overworked

At the other end of the scale is feeling overworked. A huge workload can cause a great deal of stress and it’s a huge reason why people feel unhappy in their job. Rather than just leaving however, sit down and talk to your manager. Perhaps deadlines can be extended, work can be delegated to other colleagues or a new member of the team can be recruited.

Having a bad day or week

It’s perfectly normal to have days or even whole weeks where everything seems to go wrong and we genuinely feel like we hate our jobs. If this sounds like you right now then be careful not to jump the gun. If you have been feeling like this for months on end then it could be time to move on but if you’re normally happy in your job then just keep remembering the good days and that this off period will soon end.

Disliking colleagues

We spend a lot of time with the people we work with so it is important that we like or at least get on with them. No matter who you are though, you will always find that there are one or two people in the company that simply aren’t your cup of tea. There is no need to change jobs because of a couple people however and unless you’ve had a huge falling out, there are normally ways to tolerate interacting with people you don’t like.

Try to keep contact to a minimum but if this is unavoidable then keep it professional. Don’t let personal differences interfere with you doing your job.

Feeling under-valued

Being successful in your job will naturally make you want to aim higher. If you feel your success isn’t being recognised however then it’s easy to feel like it’s time to move on. Try to remember that it’s not always possible for your manager to promote you or give you a pay rise immediately however. Focus on keeping the momentum of your success going and you should eventually get the recognition you want. If you are concerned this isn’t happening then don’t be afraid to speak to your manager about your future prospects with the company.

If you are certain that a career change is right for you then please feel free to submit your CV, have a look through our current vacancies or contact us for assistance.  

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