The deadly sins of a job seeker

We all make mistakes from time to time and everything normally works out fine but did you know that there are errors many job seekers make that are potentially costing them jobs? Below we have listed some of the most common yet deadly mistakes made by candidates looking employment.

Not planning

Believe it or not, if you want success then your job search requires a plan. Doing so enables you to properly target roles, manage your time better and strategise how you approach people more effectively. Your plan should include things such as updating your CV, time allocations for sending out job applications and even opportunities for networking to help grow your contacts.

Applying for as many jobs as possible

Whether you hate your job and want to get out as soon as possible or are unemployed because your contract ended, you were made redundant or your resigned – the feeling of needing a job is scary. As a result of this many people end up applying for anything and everything because this seems like the right thing to do. This technique can actually backfire hugely however because if companies and recruiters see you’re applying for such varied roles they’re likely to think you’re unsure about what you want to do and could jump ship as soon as the opportunity arises.

Forgetting your achievements

Most of us simply write out our job description on our CV and whilst this is necessary, it doesn’t highlight any of your achievements. As well as listing your skills make sure that you write out any accomplishments you have made in your current role such as promotions, additional training you undertook and beating targets.

Not writing a cover letter

Whilst your CV states what you can do, your cover letter should detail how you can use your skills in the advertised role. Additionally, taking the time to write a tailored cover letter shows the recruiter that you understand the requirements of the job and that you really are keen on it.

Not monitoring your job search

If you have been aimlessly applying for jobs for the last few months and don’t seem to be getting anywhere, it could be time to sit down and review your tactics. What jobs have you applied to? Who have you spoken to? Are you following up on your applications? Have you been networking? Are you using all the options available to you such as recruitment agencies, online job boards and LinkedIn? Don’t be afraid of branching out and trying new things if your current technique isn’t working.

If you would like help finding your next role then please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and we will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, have a look through our current vacancies or submit your CV so we have your details on file should something suitable come up.

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