Which type of boss are you?



All managers have different leadership skills and methods of managing their team. This will mostly depend on the type of person you are but the way your employees are can also have a huge effect on the direction you take them.

Officebroker has put together this light-hearted list of the different and most common types of managers. Which one are you? Alternatively, do you recognise any of these qualities in your boss?

The 24/7 Boss

You put everything into your job, you’re always ‘taking one for the team’, you can’t remember the last time you took a holiday, sick days aren’t an option for you and come rain or shine you will make sure you’re in that office every day. A fantastic example to set but the downside is that you expect the same level of commitment from your staff.

The David Brent Boss

You want to be both a friend and a mentor to your employees. You like to think that your team finds you hilarious and that they love your company but still look up to you. Although it’s great to establish a good relationship with your team, if you’re always playing the joker then they might not take you as seriously as they should.

The Barely-There-Boss

This may be because you prefer to ‘work from home’ or are genuinely always busy attending meetings and seeing clients but you’re barely ever seen in the office. Although some people love the fact that they’re not micro-managed, it can make it difficult for staff to have a clear understanding of what they should be doing if you’re not there to help them.

The Stresser

You’re always running around like a headless chicken, panic when something goes wrong and you find yourself stressing out rather than finding solutions. There are no positives about having a boss like this. You’re likely to pass on your stress to your employees and the office will become a horrible place to be.

The Grumpy Boss

Do you find that nobody manages to do anything quite right? Lunch breaks are too long, work is not produced to a high enough standard, there is too much chatter in the office and the place looks untidy? Chances are that you’re the grumpy boss and the problem is that over time this will start to wear on employees. Mood, goodwill and confidence will all suffer and you’ll end up with a very unhappy workforce that is unlikely to stick around for long.

The Nice Boss



You praise employees for a job well done, you’re happy to pull your weight, you get on well with your team and are very approachable but your authority is respected. Everyone wants to have a nice boss so if this sounds like you then well done. Chances are that you have a happy and motivated team who wants to work hard and will stick with the company for many years.


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