Which jobs make you the happiest?



There’s no doubt that we’ve all dreamt of doing a more exciting, challenging or even less demanding job from time and time and have wondered if the grass really is greener on the other side.

Earlier this year, the Cabinet Office decided to find out exactly which jobs make people the happiest. They looked into the relationship between different jobs and levels of life satisfaction and the results make for some interesting and somewhat surprising reading.

Do you think you would be happier serving pints or serving God? We bet most of you quite fancy the idea of working in a pub befriending all the locals and enjoying the social aspect of it. Believe it or not however, publicans and managers of licensed premises featured at the very bottom of the list with a job satisfaction rating of just 6.38. Despite earning on average £5,000 less than pub owners and managers per year, members of the clergy topped the list with a satisfaction rating of 8.2.

Coming in as the second most satisfying job in the UK is chief executives and senior officials. No doubt this has something to do with the fact that the average salary for those in these positions is a healthy £117,700 per year.



Completing the list of the top ten most satisfying jobs includes:

3) Managers and proprietors in agriculture and horticulture

4) Company secretaries

5) Quality assurance and regulatory professionals


6) Health care practice managers

7) Medical practitioners

8) Farmers

9) Hotel and accommodation manager and proprietors

10) Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trade supervisors

A number of finance and accounting jobs featured on the list and although none of them made the top 10, some achieved an impressive score. Out of 274 occupations finance jobs were rated:

37) Financial Managers and Directors – average salary: £76,986 – satisfaction score: 7.6

45) Chartered and Certified Accountants – £37,850 – 7.5

49) Financial and Accounting Technicians – £44,038 – 7.5

52) Finance and Investment Analysts and Advisers – £46,797 – 7.5

77) Financial Administrative Occupations – £18,323 – 7.49

86) Financial Accounts Managers – £40,952 – 7.4

89) Taxation Experts – £45,360 – 7.4

102) Credit Controllers – £19,724 – 7.4

107) Bookkeepers, Payroll Managers and Wages Clerks – £20,646 – 7.4

156) Finance Officers – £22,090 – 7.2

What emerges from the study is that while there is a definite link between earnings and life satisfaction, there are some incredibly well-paid jobs that are linked with low satisfaction levels. This is more than likely because impressive salaries are often associated with high-powered jobs which will naturally come with a lot of stress and pressure.

Occupations that incorporate a lot of the outdoor life are associated with greater personal wellbeing however. Despite being on the lower end of the salary scale, farmers and managers in agriculture all feature in the top 10.

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