How to beat the back-to-work blues

With the summer nearly over it means that wonderful time of year where we jet off on our much-needed holidays has come to an end. The reality of being back from a few weeks of complete bliss combined with nothing to look forward to anymore can make the back-to-work blues pretty difficult to deal with. Below are some great ideas to help you get back on track and ready for the world of work once again.

Ask for a new project

Embarking on a new challenge is the best way to boost morale once again. It gives you something to focus on and the excitement you get from achieving something will make you feel just as good as your holiday did.

Arrange something to look forward to

Having something to look forward to is a great way of getting over the holiday blues. Even if you can’t afford to book another two week getaway so soon think about a weekend break or even arrange to attend a new gym, cookery or arts and crafts class.

Set yourself a goal

People often start to lose interest in their job when they have nothing to work towards and every day becomes the same. If coming back from a holiday has highlighted to you that this is how you feel about your job, set yourself a work-related goal. Whether it’s setting your sights on that promotion, picking up a new skill or attending a training course, having something to work towards is sure to keep you motivated.

Take an extra day off

The thought of being on the beach one day and then back at your desk the next is very depressing for many people – regardless of how much you love your job. Rather than heading straight back into the office why not book an extra day off? This gives you a bit of time to get back to reality and that journey back home won’t seem so bad after all.

Be prepared for your return

The main reason why so many people dread going back to work after a break is the thought of the madness they will be going back to. In order to prevent this, try to prepare as much as you can beforehand. Finish off any outstanding tasks, ask colleagues to deal with any enquiries that come through in your absence and although you should always set an out-of-office, consider giving someone in your team access to your emails so that tasks can be dealt with as they come through rather than building up while you’re not there.

Keep your out-of-office on

It might sound a bit strange but it can be a good idea to say that you’re away for a day longer than you actually are in your out-of-office message. This means that upon your return you have a day in the office to catch up on everything without being bombarded with non-stop phone calls and emails.

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