How to keep staff motivated in the run-up to Christmas

Christmas Worker

With Christmas less than a month away now, everybody is well and truly starting to think about all the parties, shopping and of course, some much needed time off work. As much as we all love to embrace the festive spirit, a common problem that a lot of employers face at this time of year is knowing how to keep staff motivated.

Below we have listed some of the best ways to keep your team hard-working and enthusiastic in the run-up to Christmas – even if all they can think about is the upcoming festivities.

Offer Incentives –

The best way to keep staff working hard even when they’re in holiday mode is to offer incentives. Set special Christmas tasks and when they’re met you can reward them with some festive treats. A bottle of their favourite wine, a gift voucher, a team lunch or an afternoon off can work wonders when it comes to helping keep staff motivated.

Show your appreciation –

When employees feel appreciated, they’re much happier and far more productive. A simple ‘good morning’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is so simple yet carries so much weight when it comes to making someone feel valued. If someone in your team has done something particularly well then don’t forget to tell them because it’s bound to boost their confidence and make them more motivated.

Communicate –

Communication is vital in any relationship – even those at work. In an ideal world, your employees should know exactly what you expect of them and receive frequent feedback regarding how they’re meeting their goals. If they’re left in the dark, staff don’t know what they’re doing well, not so well and how they can progress. Make sure you set aside time for regular, individual meetings with every member of your team because this will give you all a chance to say exactly how you’re feeling.

Encourage fun –

Believe it or not, work doesn’t always have to be just about work. This is especially the case around Christmas when everybody is feeling festive and merry. If you want your employees to remain motivated in the run-up to the holidays, then encourage them to have a bit of fun with their job. Run competitions, allow fancy dress, decorate the office and hold team events that don’t involve work-related discussions. All of these things give staff a bit of a break, encourage team members to bond, make them feel valued and vitally, increases loyalty and motivation.

Allow flexi-time –       

Christmas at work

In the run-up to Christmas, allow staff to re-arrange their hours so they can work later or start earlier. This enables them to balance work with parties, shopping and being with their family. Providing that staff still work their contracted hours, you lose nothing by offering this privilege and it will be hugely appreciated.

Do you have any top tips for keeping your team motivated over the holiday period? Alternatively, as an employee, what could your company do to keep you working hard around Christmas? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.

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