How to decide between two job offers


Whilst it’s a great position to be in and very flattering that multiple companies want you to work for them, trying to choose between two great offers can actually be incredibly stressful. Most of us are naturally more tempted to go for the option offering the most money but it’s important to consider all the factors that will ultimately lead to a better decision in the long-run.

Below are some great tips that will help you to decide which opportunity is going to make you the happiest and provide real long-term benefits.

Consider the benefits –

When most of us apply to a job we make the mistake of only looking at the basic rate. Not factoring in the benefits can actually be very costly to you so make sure you consider this carefully before accepting or rejecting an offer. For example, Company A may offer a salary of £40,000 and Company B may offer £35,000. At first glance Company A seems like the better option. However, if Company A doesn’t offer any benefits but Company B provides healthcare, pension and flexible working hours, in the long-run, the latter is by far the better option.

Work out your priorities –

What do you consider to be the most important thing when looking for a job? Are you purely money orientated? Would you prefer to work somewhere that will provide you with a great social life? Are you looking for a position that will enable you to develop your skills and progress within your career? Would you be happiest knowing that you can walk to and from work every day? Perhaps you want to work for a company that is incredibly flexible with their hours and will occasionally let you work from home. When trying to decide between two offers, weigh up the pros and cons of each and this should help you come to a successful conclusion.

Speak to current or former employees –

Obviously this isn’t always possible, but if you do happen to know somebody who currently or previously worked for one of the companies in question, be sure to ask their opinion. They can give you a good idea of what it’s like to work there and even offer you some helpful advice if you decide to take the job.

Trust your instinct –

All the logic in the world can’t beat your best asset – your instinct. Even if a job sounds perfect on paper, if something doesn’t feel right about it then learn to trust your instinct because it will serve you well. On the flip side, if you get offered a job that doesn’t quite match what you were originally looking for, but something about it feels right, take that into consideration too.

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