Six things a boss should never say

Shouting boss

When you’re a manager or the Managing Director of a company, it’s easy to forget that your staff may be particularly sensitive to the comments you make. After all, you are the boss and therefore you are the one they are really trying to impress. We all make the odd comment that gets taken out of context but here are six things you should never say to your employees.

“I’m the boss”

The quickest and easiest way to lose respect from your staff is to throw your weight around and act like you’re above them. Nobody wants to work for an employer who doesn’t respect them so unless you’re a military boss, avoid pulling rank.

“I’m too busy”

It takes a lot of courage for an employee to ask their boss for help or advice so if they are shot down when they approach you, chances are they will never do it again. Staff who feel like they can talk to their boss are much more likely to be happy, motivated, focused and loyal so it’s important to encourage this. Even if you are incredibly busy, tell your employee that you appreciate their honesty and set aside a time you can both meet to discuss the situation properly.

“What’s the gossip?”

When you’re running a company it’s up to you to set the tone for the workplace culture. If you are open about gossiping about other staff members, it tells your employees that this kind of behaviour is fine and sets a very toxic environment. Leave the gossip to when you’re with your friends and try to encourage your colleagues to do the same.

“I don’t care”

As an owner or a manager, you need to care about every aspect of your business no matter how trivial it is. If you are openly blasé about certain aspects of the company and make it known to your staff that you don’t care about it, they’re not going to either.

“I’m always right”

An employer should never dissuade their staff from disagreeing with them. We all make mistakes and there isn’t a single person in the world who knows absolutely everything. Chances are that you hired your employees because they possess certain skills and qualities that are needed in the business. Listening to their thoughts and ideas are crucial to building your business and without them, you are massively hindering your growth and success.

“I’ll do it”

It’s impossible to grow a company by insisting that you do everything yourself. Furthermore, if you insist on stepping in every time things get difficult, your staff will not only feel like you doubt their capabilities, but chances are that they will never become self-sufficient either. Have faith in the fact that your staff know what they are doing and let them manage certain projects to prove to you that they know what they’re doing.

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