How to handle a request for a higher starting salary


You’ve gone through the whole recruitment process and have finally found your perfect candidate. The only thing left to finalise is salary. If you’ve managed to find yourself a really good employee, chances are that they are going to try and negotiate the highest possible wage that they can. If what they are requesting is within your projected budget then great. However, if they want more than you bargained for, here are some great ways to handle the request.


Ask for evidence to back up their request

Someone requesting a higher than expected salary can really throw a spanner in the works but if it’s the right candidate, it very well might be worth it. Don’t be afraid to ask for evidence when it comes to making a decision. Sometimes people will try their luck just to see what happens but if there is no real justification for a higher salary, then there is no need to pay them more. However, if your candidate comes back with facts and figures that show impressive achievements and evidence that they have helped previous employers to progress, it’s well worth reconsidering their starting salary because chances are that they will become a very valuable employee.

Highlight the benefits

When dealing with recruitment, people often forget to emphasise the benefits that employees are entitled to. Added up, benefits can add a substantial amount to any salary so it’s well worth pointing this out if your company offers a great package. Add up the value of any benefits that will be received so that your new starter can see the monetary value. Chances are that they won’t have even considered this so it can really put things into perspective for them.

Mention any non-financial benefits

Believe it or not, some of the best and most appealing benefits have nothing to do with money whatsoever. If your organisation offers flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home, make sure you mention this throughout the recruitment process. Those who have children or are commuting quite a distance are almost guaranteed to favour flexibility over a higher salary.

Offer performance related bonuses

If you really can’t authorise a higher starting salary, why not consider introducing a performance related bonus? This is a win-win situation for everyone involved because the company doesn’t lose any money if the candidate doesn’t perform and if your new employee is as good as they have told you, they will be hitting their targets and getting their bonus in no time.

If you would like more information about handling requests for a higher starting salary or have any other recruitment queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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