The most ridiculous things people have ever been fired for

There are countless reasons why a company may fire an employee – they’re not doing their job properly, financial cut-backs need to be made, the role is being made redundant or the company could even be closing down. These are all fairly common and justifiable reasons but spare a though for these poor employees who didn’t do anything wrong yet still found themselves hunting for a new job.Winning a game 100-0

Back in 2009, Micah Grimes was a coach for the Covenant School basketball team. It was a victorious day when the high schoolers beat their opponents 100-0 but rather than celebrating, the coach found himself in hot water with the school board. As a private Christian school, it was decided that the impressive score was not “Christlike” and after refusing to apologise, Grimes was in fact fired from his job.

Stopping a carjacking

Juan Canales was going about his everyday duties in the Thai restaurant he worked in when he heard a commotion going on outside the building. Upon noticing that a woman was being carjacked by a knife-wielding attacker, the brave man put his own welfare aside and rushed to the lady’s aid. Rather than getting the hero’s welcome that you would expect for quite possibly saving someone’s life, Canales was shockingly fired for his valiant efforts. His employer’s reasoning was that the man generated too much publicity from rushing out to play the role of the hero.

Repeating a Seinfeld joke

We all have a favourite movie quote or joke that we like to repeat more than others would care for. Fortunately, for most of us, it doesn’t cost us our job though. After watching an episode of the American sitcom, Seinfeld, John Preston from Iowa decided to mimic two of the characters who rather than saying “bless you” every time someone sneezed, said; “you’re so good looking”. Whether his bosses simply got sick of the one-liner or genuinely deemed it to be inappropriate, Preston was soon fired for sexual harassment.

Playing Father Christmas

Upon securing a new job playing Father Christmas at a department store, a man in Australia donned his Santa suit and got into the spirit of things. It wasn’t quite the merry Christmas he was hoping for though after he was fired for chanting Santa’s trademark line “ho ho ho”. His bosses felt that the term could be considered demeaning to women which was their explanation for firing the man.

Playing Solitaire

Whether you’re on your lunch hour or simply need a five minute break, we’re all prone to doing something non-work related every once in a while. A political aide who had been a loyal employee to their firm for six years found themselves in hot water though after a quick game of solitaire on their computer. Unfortunately, the leisurely act was caught on camera while staff photos were being taken and after being spotted by the mayor, the employee was promptly fired.

Do you have any unfortunate instant dismissal tales? Feel free to share your stories with us below in the comments section.


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