The best and worst paid jobs in the UK

Do you want to know where you rank amongst the highest and lowest salaries in the UK? Below is a guide to the best and worst paid jobs and how their current salaries compare to what they were the year before.

Highest paid jobs

Highest paid jobs 2012

Lowest Paid Jobs

Pharmacy and other dispensing assistants – £14,826

Sales assistants and retail cashiers – £14,598

Cleaners and domestics – £14,436

Sales and retail assistants – £14,326

Playworkers – £14,142

Nursery nurses and assistants – £13,910

Kitchen and catering assistants – £12,904

Bar staff – £12,847

Waiters and waitresses – £12,429

Hairdressers and barbers – £12,138


* Please note that the above lists are by no means comprehensive and there are a number of other occupations that pay the same as the jobs listed.

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