The top reasons people leave their jobs

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Staff turnover is unfortunately part of running any business. Although employees moving on to pastures new is to be expected from time-to-time, if people are handing in their notice on a regular basis, chances are there’s something wrong.

As revealed by a leading recruitment specialist, below are the top reasons why workers in the UK are quitting their jobs.

Better opportunities

As people progress in their career, better opportunities will inevitably present themselves. Sometimes it’s simply time to move on but other times, they can be persuaded to stay if you give them good reason.

It’s important to offer employees new opportunities which help to keep them engaged and excited. Rewarding workers for their service (especially if they’re hitting targets and milestones), is also imperative. They could be in the form of a bonus, pay rise or promotion. Allowing people to move up the career ladder means they’re far less likely to start looking elsewhere.


32% of UK workers say they’ve left a job because they didn’t think they were being paid enough.

Lack of recognition

21% of us have handed in our notice because we didn’t feel valued in the workplace. This can lead to a bad working relationship with management which is why nearly 14% of us have left a job. A separate study from CV-Library further highlights this after it was found that 69.3% of us think that our boss plays an important part in how much we like or dislike our job.

Mental health

Mental health is a big issue in the UK at the moment with one in four of us suffering from problems such as depression, anxiety and stress every year. Unsurprisingly, employees are doing everything they can to protect their wellbeing which is why 15% say they’ve quit a job which has negatively impacted their mental health.

Bad cultural fit and lack of inclusion

One in 10 of us has left a role because we felt we didn’t fit in with a company’s values, culture or other employees.

Inclusion policies are something which is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes to have in order to attract and retain top talent. A clear policy helps employees feel included and crucially, it can also help to dispel negative or discriminatory attitudes.

Despite this however, 45% of UK workers say that the company they work for doesn’t have a specific policy on inclusion and a worrying 58% said they don’t think their company prioritises diversity and inclusion.

Global diversity and inclusion expert, Dan Robertson commented:

“While many organisations have focused on the diversity aspect of diversity and inclusion, too many are still burying their heads in the sand when it comes to inclusion. This is not beneficial to businesses or their employees. What’s clear is that negative cultures are having a significant impact on companies around the UK, and workers are leaving as a result.”

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