How SMEs can attract top talent

When you run an SME, it can be difficult to attract top talent. You’re competing with larger organisations who can offer bigger pay cheques and better promotional opportunities so how do you persuade a candidate to choose your organisation instead?

Believe it or not, it is possible. Half the battle is simply realising how many fantastic benefits you can offer potential employees.

Fewer barriers between employees and senior staff

Smaller businesses are typically less bureaucratic and can therefore provide closer relationships between leaders and employees. With better access to more senior level staff who can offer advice and act as a mentor, this provides employees with opportunities they may not otherwise be presented with in a larger company.

More personalised job descriptions 

With larger companies, job roles tend to be more rigid. A smaller company on the other hand can usually provide more flexibility and employees can even tailor their job spec. Whether they want to specialise in something or learn a new skill, this is one of the many perks of working for a smaller company.

There’s a lot more flexibility in SMEs than there is in huge corporations which means that employees are given opportunities which reflect their interests and the career path they wish to go down.

Broadens skillsets 

As tempting as it is to get big names on the CV, emphasise to candidates how beneficial it can be for them to accept a role in a small company where they can practice their skills and increase their responsibilities.

Candidates are likely to be given greater responsibility in a much shorter time frame with a small company. This is far more beneficial than accepting a lower-level role in a big company.

Flexible benefits 

Because of the number of people they have working for them, big companies are limited when it comes to the benefits they can offer. Smaller companies on the other hand often have the ability to be more flexible and can even tailor benefits to suit individual needs.

An employee with children may wish to start early and finish early for example whereas a member of staff who travels long distances to get into work may appreciate being able to work from home one day per week. It simply wouldn’t be practical to offer this in a large company.

Target certain candidates 

Someone who is aggressively trying to climb the career ladder may be more reluctant to accept a role at a smaller company. There are a number of people who could benefit from working in a smaller organisation however:

  • Graduates who have very little or even no work experience
  • People who don’t like the strict rules and procedures that often come with working for a big company
  • Those who want a good work/life balance
  • Part-time workers
  • Contract staff
  • Staff who want more flexibility with their job
  • Candidates who want to work somewhere it feels like they’re part of the family rather than just a number

If you would like help recruiting fantastic candidates, please feel free to contact Choralis Consulting and we will be more than happy to help.

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