The benefits of hiring temporary employees

temporary recruitment

While the UK continues to face uncertainly about what’s going to happen with regards to Brexit, many companies are unsure about whether or not this is a good time to hire permanent staff.

On one hand, you may need more people on board to help cope with growing workloads but on the other, what impact is leaving the EU going to have on the economy and UK businesses?

If this is something that concerns you, why not consider hiring temporary employees? As well as providing a far more flexible approach to recruitment, below are just a few of the other benefits of hiring temps.

You’re not locked into a long-term contract

If you’re worried about the impact that Brexit is going to have on your business or you tend to go through periods of being busy and then quiet, temporary employees provide a fantastic solution.

You get the extra help you need to get through busy times and then don’t have to pay someone to sit there doing nothing until the next rush. Contract workers can help you for a week, a month, a couple months or even years depending on how long you think you’ll need them.

They can help to cover absences

Whether someone is off with a long-term illness, is going on maternity leave, taking a sabbatical or the summer months are hard to get through with everyone going off on their holidays, temporary workers can be brought in at very short notice to cover these absences.

You can hire temp to perm

Companies who have previously struggled to find the right people often prefer to hire on a temp to permanent basis. This enables you to assess whether someone is the right fit for the role and the company without making a long-term commitment.

Less responsibility

When you hire temporary staff through a recruitment agency, they are technically classed as the agency’s employee. This means that the agency is responsible for recruiting, screening, testing and hiring employees. Another huge benefit of this is that the agency will then take on the burden of payroll expenses, paperwork, taxes and any benefits they wish to provide. This can prove to be hugely cost and time-effective.

Leads to long-term relationships with recruitment agencies

There are plenty of companies out there who recruit on a regular basis – whether this is for permanent or temporary staff. Once they have built up a great relationship with a recruitment agency they know they can rely on, recruiting temporary staff becomes an incredibly easy process. Your agency will know exactly the kind of person you are looking for and who would and wouldn’t work well in your business. This can save valuable time and money when recruiting and most importantly, you can ensure that any urgent roles are filled promptly.

If you would like more information about the benefits of hiring temporary employees or need help with any aspect of your recruitment process, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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