Top tips for recruiting in the New Year

Choralis blogThe New Year is a great time for recruitment because this is when employees are looking for a fresh start and a new challenge. Getting candidates to apply to your jobs is the easy part but how do you ensure that you attract high quality applicants and get the process right the first time around?

Extend your search 

Don’t just limit yourself to the candidates who have applied to your vacancy. This is of course a great place to start and there’s every possibility that you will find your ideal employee here. If you’re not convinced however then don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. Some of the best candidates may not even be actively looking for employment so extend your search by attending networking events, searching on LinkedIn and even keeping hold of CVs you came across in the past but weren’t right at the time.

If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, recruitment agencies are well-practiced in these techniques.

Entice candidates with good pay and benefits

With the current skills shortage it can be difficult to find high quality candidates and even when you do find them, there’s a chance that your competitors will steal them. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you offer a competitive salary. Many surveys have revealed that employees want more than just good pay however, they also want attractive benefits.

Offering anything from flexible working hours, remote working, early finishes on a Friday, team days out, childcare vouchers, healthcare and gym membership can really help you to be a more attractive prospect than your competitors.

Offer progression 

Some of the most common reasons why people leave their job is because they’re bored, they feel unappreciated or that there’s nowhere for them to progress in the company. Make sure that you can offer employees training and development so that they stay motivated and feel valued.

Involve your employees in the recruitment process

Very few companies think to do this but it can actually be invaluable. A big part of employee satisfaction is getting on with our co-workers. When hiring someone, allow the people they will be working with to meet them during the interview process. Not only will this allow you to establish whether they’re the right cultural fit, but what better way of finding out if people will work well together than introducing them beforehand?

Doing this during the hiring process means that you can avoid making a hire that looked great on paper but didn’t quite work out in reality.

If you are looking to recruit in 2016, please feel free to contact Choralis Consulting and we will be more than happy to help.


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