The UK’s recruitment market analysis

recruitmentThe latest recruitment market analysis for the UK includes the performance of the permanent and temporary recruitment sectors as well as different areas across the country. Overall, both permanent and temporary vacancies witnessed a decline from the previous month but compared to this time last year, the industries have experienced significant growth.

Compared to March 2015, the number of permanent vacancies in April were down 5% and temporary positions decreased by 9.5%. Compared to April 2014 however, the number of permanent vacancies have significantly increased by 21.6%. Temporary vacancies have also enjoyed generous growth as they are up by 7.9%.

When it comes to permanent vacancies, the sectors which have witnessed the strongest quarterly growth are social care (112%), graduates and trainees (29%) and hospitality and catering (26%). The biggest declines in demand for permanent vacancies were seen in utilities (-13%), new media and Internet (-5%) and property and housing (-2%).

In the world of temporary vacancies, once again it was good news for graduates and trainees as there was a 38% increase in jobs in their sector. It has also been a great quarter for recruitment and consultancy which saw a rise of 33% in temporary vacancies and travel and tourism jobs increased by 27%.

It wasn’t such a great start to the year for retail which witnessed a 12% decrease in temporary vacancies closely followed by aerospace and FMCG who both witnessed a 9% decrease.

The latest figures show that the jobs market in West Midlands has grown faster than any other region of the UK from 2010 to 2015. Yorkshire has fared particularly well with a 72% increase alone.

The number of applications being made in Yorkshire, the North West and the West Midlands have all grown massively but the incredible 121% growth witnessed in the North East in the same five year period is the highest across the whole of the UK.

Since 2010, the biggest job market growers have been property, construction and transport/logistics with upsurges of 35%, 47% and an unbelievable 111% respectively. In 2010, transport and logistics was the 13th most popular sector (out of 33) for applications. Today it pulls in the 6th biggest number of applications.

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