Finance Directors anticipate spending more on recruitment in 2015

As the UK’s job market started to return to normal in 2014 after a long and difficult recession, an increasing number of companies are set to increase their recruitment budgets for 2015.

According to the FD Recruit 2015 Forecast, it’s UK Finance Directors across all sectors who are predicting one of the biggest rises in recruitment expenditure this year. The report revealed that three quarters of Finance Directors anticipate either matching or increasing their budgets compared to the same period in 2014.

Aside from the fact that people are generally spending more as the economy returns to normal, two of the main reasons cited for the increase in recruitment expenditure include company expansion plans and a more mobile labour market.

The Director of FD Recruit said that the optimism of Finance Directors for the upcoming year is great news for the recruitment sector. He continued:

“It means Finance Directors are reporting to us that they are prepared to ‘push the button’ on expansion plans and begin increasing employee numbers. At the same time, the stabilising economy is giving employees more confidence to seek out new jobs. We expect employee turnover to rise in 2015 as individuals seek out new and better suited roles and Finance Directors are budgeting for this trend.”

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