UK Recruitment – all the latest facts and figures


Early on in January, we published a blog revealing that analysts were predicting continued job growth in 2014 and it’s safe to say that they certainly got that one right. The news that everyone has long been waiting for is finally here – UK recruitment is well and truly back on the rise.

Below are all the latest and most up to date facts and figures about everything you could possibly need to know about UK recruitment.

  • Figures released by a Total Jobs survey show an eight per cent rise in the number of jobs available across the UK for the first three months of 2014 compared to the first quarter of 2013.
  • This has triggered a fall in competition for jobs, with the number of applications per job falling by two per cent over the same period.
  • The sectors that have witnessed the biggest growth include education with a 22 per cent rise, property with a 19 per cent rise and graduate jobs with an 11 per cent rise.
  • Sectors that have witnessed a decline in job opportunities over the last year include catering and hospitality (10 per cent) as well as travel, leisure and tourism (22 per cent decline).
  • The accounting/financial sector took the top spot in May’s demand for permanent staff – overtaking engineering.
  • Demand for staff in the private sector has remained considerable stronger than the public sector. However, both sectors have witnessed faster vacancy growth for permanent staff than temporary staff.
  • Hourly pay rates for temporary and contract staff are rising at the fastest pace since December 2007.
  • Blue collar workers suffered the slowest growth rate despite these being the most in-demand when it comes to temporary staff.
  • The availability of permanent candidates has fallen at the sharpest rate since November 2007. Furthermore, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)’s monthly Report on Jobs has revealed that the number of candidates applying for permanent jobs is at its lowest rate for more than 16 years now. With the number of job openings continuing to rise, it can become very difficult for companies to find the high quality candidates that they need. If you find yourself struggling, please don’t hesitate to contact Choralis and we will be more than happy to help.

Commenting on the latest findings surrounding UK recruitment, REC’s CEO, Kevin Green said:

“The UK’s boom continues with vacancies increasing as employers look for new workers to meet increasing demand and to replace staff that have been snapped up by competitors. The creation of these jobs, combined with the return of job fluidity, is creating a dynamic labour market. However, the big issue remains that employers are finding it hard to find the talent and skills they need”.

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