The most common mistakes employers make when it comes to recruitment

The recruitment process is a difficult one to get right and even if you’re using an agency to help, it’s still important that you get your part right. Making mistakes can be costly and very time consuming but fortunately, we have over a decade’s worth of experience when it comes to this so below we have listed some of the most common recruitment blunders so you know how to avoid them.

Poor pre-screening

The number of applications job vacancies receive is at an all-time high which means that companies are frequently left sifting through dozens of cvs without a clue who to interview. Recruitment agencies can prove to be incredibly valuable at times like this because they can screen and meet any candidates before putting them forward to you. If you don’t want to use an external recruiter, consider doing a quick phone interview with those you think are the most suitable. Immediately eliminating candidates who are looking for too much money, are lacking the right experience or you simply don’t click with will save you a lot of time in the long-run.

Lack of preparation

Whether you are the one conducting the interview or attending the interview, everyone will agree that a large part of them is taken up by explaining the company’s history and what the job will entail. The problem with this is that many employers overlook the fact that the more a candidate knows about the role and the business, the better they can prepare for the interview and the more likely you are to find that perfect candidate.

It’s not just candidates who have to prepare for the recruitment process however. A disorganised interviewer could miss out key information, will put quality candidates off and is highly unlikely to hire the right person.

Looking for personality over skills and experience

If you are going to be working with someone every day for the foreseeable future, it’s obvious that you’re going to want to hire someone that you like and get on with. While having a new pal at work would be great, unfortunately, hiring the strongest, smartest and all-round best candidate is far more important. If you do interview someone who on paper looks great but upon meeting them you and your team feel strongly that you couldn’t work with that person – then sure, listen to your instincts. However, if you want your recruitment drive to be successful, it’s vital to think with your head and remember that you’re not recruiting a new pub buddy – you need someone who is going to be great at their job.

Settling for an average candidate

When you have a pile of work stacking up and an urgent vacancy to fill, it’s incredibly tempting to hire the first person that walks through the door and hope for the best. You might get lucky but more often than not, you just end up with an even bigger problem – an employee who isn’t suitable for the job so you have to let them go and a job vacancy all over again. If you find yourself in this situation you’re much better off hiring a temp so you can take the time you need to find the right person. Plus, you never know – that temp very well could end up being your perfect candidate.

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