The best paid jobs in the UK – 2014

As another year has drawn to an end the annual polls begin to reveal what the country has been talking about the most, what they loved, what they hated and what we can expect for the new year.

One survey which has just been released this week is the UK’s best paid jobs in 2014. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has compiled the list based on salaries alone and excludes bonuses, celebrities who are not PAYE earners and self-employed workers.

10) Senior school or university professionals


People often assume that teachers aren’t paid very well but this year they make it into the top 10 best paid jobs in the UK. The starting salary for this profession is £22,023 (£27,543 in inner London) which is high compared to other graduate starting salaries and good head teachers have been known to earn in excess of £100,000 per annum.

9) Bank and financial firm managers and directors


Finance and banking have always been known to pay well and this year the annual industry salary comes in at just over £27,000 more than the average UK salary.

8) Senior police officers


The starting salary for a training police officer is just over £23,000 but once they have worked their way up the ranks they can earn nearly £60,000 per year.

7) Financial managers and directors


Good news for those who work in finance –  accountants are officially one of the best paid professions in the UK. Although the starting salary for an Accounts Assistant may seem low at £18,000, for those who make it to Finance Director level, the sky is the limit when it comes to salary.

6) IT and telecommunications directors


IT jobs are also known for paying well and this year it’s no exception as the profession just misses out on a top five spot in the UK’s best paid jobs.

5) Marketing and sales directors


The average salary for a marketing professional is £21,461 but individuals who work their way up the ladder to director level can find themselves earning £70,000+ per year. As sales positions tend to be based on commission, this is another job where the sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential.

4) Medical practitioners 


All that studying and training that doctors undertake well and truly pays off as they’re the fourth highest paid profession in the UK.

3) Air traffic controllers


Air traffic controllers play a vital role at airports and are paramount to ensuring that flights take off and land safely. This responsibility means that they can make up to £80,000 per year.

2) Chief executives and senior officials 


Those at the top of the hierarchy have worked hard to get there and are rewarded with a very healthy salary. These jobs may not be for everyone as they are high pressured and require long working days but others love the challenge and no doubt their pay cheque at the end of every month.

  1. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers


The aviation industry has done well this year claiming two of the top three positions in the UK’s highest paid jobs. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers are officially the highest paid professions in the country and have overtaken last years winners, presidents and chiefs of companies who were earning an average of £84,453.

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