What makes candidates want to work for your company?

Hand shakeFinding the right candidate is a tough job but believe it or not it’s only half the battle. Ensuring that top quality employees want to work for your company requires a lot of hard work. After all, there is plenty of competition out there and smaller companies frequently struggle to win the recruitment battle against the larger, more well-known businesses out there.

You don’t have to be an international multi-million pound company to attract the cream of the crop however. Read below to find out exactly what is in employees look for in a new employer.

Purpose – nobody wants to go into work every day feeling like they’re not achieving anything or that nobody would really miss them if they weren’t there. In order to stay motivated we need to know that we have a sense of purpose so make it clear to potential recruits that being there will really make a difference to the company and that they will be a valued member of the team.

Goals – although targets, goals and objectives can seem scary when you’re learning the ropes at a new job, to ensure long-term happiness, they are crucial. They can increase motivation, keep employees interested in their jobs and help to achieve that sense of purpose everyone is looking for. If you really want to impress candidates at interviews then introduce a reward scheme if you don’t already have one. Being recognised for a job well done is a sure fire-wire to guarantee a happy workforce.

Flexibility – we live in a world where advancements in technology enable companies to be as flexible as they like. With so many businesses offering their staff flexi-time and the option to work from home nowadays, this is something that all recruiters should seriously consider if they want to attract top quality candidates. The majority of your team are probably struggling to cope with children, long commutes and heavy workloads so being able to choose their hours or work from home occasionally will be seen as a massive perk.

Innovative – once again, technology has had a huge impact on how companies are now run. Emailing, social networking, video marketing, online portals…. the list goes on and unless you have only entered the corporate world in the last few years, you will know from first-hand experience just how much things have changed. When looking for a new place to work you can guarantee that candidates want to work somewhere that is fresh, innovative and happy to embrace these changes. So if you’re yet to jump on the digital bandwagon, make sure you do so soon because you could be losing out on some of the best candidates.

Open-minded management – nobody wants to work for a boss they are too scared to approach or be friendly with. Employees want a manager who will be honest with them but also listen to any new ideas they put forward. In order for issues to be rectified quickly and before they turn into something bigger, it’s also vital that your staff feel like they can talk to you without being judged or getting into trouble. Yes you are an authority figure but that doesn’t mean that people have to fear you.

If you would like more advice about attracting top quality candidates or need help with any of your recruitment needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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