8 ways to be happier at work

No matter how much you love your job, we all have highs and lows. If you’re struggling to get motivated at the moment, here are some general life rules that when applied to the workplace, can have very positive effects.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Many of us are guilty of comparing ourselves to colleagues. We assume that they are better at their job, earning more money and are more well-liked within the company. Everybody starts out in a different place and is headed on their own journey and you have no idea where it might lead them. Drawing comparisons is a waste of time and can be very destructive so try to avoid it and you will find yourself enjoying work much more.

Don’t obsess over things you can’t control

The only things you can control are your own thoughts and your own actions and you are therefore much better off if you remain focussed on this. If a project isn’t going according to plan, reassess the situation and try to approach it from a different angle rather than getting stressed about it.

Don’t over commit yourself

Whilst it’s great to be enthusiastic and happy to help, making promises and commitments you can’t keep is a sure fire way to create failure and disappointment. If you are genuinely too busy to take on additional work, simply say so. People will appreciate your honesty much more than they will a broken promise.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

The ability to laugh at the things you are not so good at not only makes you much happier as a person, but it can also make you more powerful, influential and attractive to others.

Don’t try to win every argument

Some battles really aren’t worth fighting, especially if the argument isn’t significant and has no long term consequences. Additionally to this, the important part isn’t winning, it’s what you and the other people involved plan to do next that counts.

Laugh and smile

Contrary to popular belief, laughter and smiling are not the result of being happy. They are part of a cycle that creates and reinforces happiness so find a reason to smile, never suppress a laugh and you will instantly find yourself feeling much happier.

Don’t gossip

If you want to be taken seriously in the office and considered for that promotion, do not be tempted to gossip. Aside from the fact that it’s unnecessary, spreading rumours that could be untrue is not professional and won’t be taken lightly by senior members of staff.

Don’t worry what other people think about you

You can use up all your energy worrying what other people think about you or you can come to the conclusion that it’s a complete waste of time because at the end of the day, does it really matter? Providing that you do your job well, get along with your colleagues and can work as part of a team, there really isn’t anything else to worry about.

Remember, different techniques work for different people so do whatever feels right for you and stick to it. Adopting a few simple tips when you are going through a difficult time can help you get through to the other side feeling happy and positive.

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