Warning: Don’t try this at a job interview

It’s no secret that there is an abundance of interview advice available to anyone who needs it. With recruitment agencies, career coaches, online blogs and advice pages all keen to share their words of wisdom, anyone can get their interview technique down to a tee.

Whilst everyone is walking into interviews armed with all the right things to say and do, very few people think about whether or not there are things they shouldn’t be doing. Harmless little habits, certain body language and off-the-cuff comments may seem like nothing to you, but have you ever thought about how these might come across to someone you are trying to impress?

Below are some of the most detrimental mistakes people make during job interviews and how to make sure that you don’t do them.

Lack of enthusiasm

If you go through all the motions of your interview with a distinct lack of enthusiasm, don’t expect the interviewer to get excited about you. Employers are looking for energetic people who are passionate about what they want to do so make sure you ask thoughtful questions about the company and its growth and if you have any ideas, make sure you share them.

Criticising previous employers

If you have had a bad experience with a previous employer, even if you are completely justified in thinking so, don’t ever criticise or badmouth them during a job interview. By doing this you are likely to raise concerns about whether or not you are a difficult candidate and if you are likely to cause trouble in your new role. Always focus on the positives and what you learnt from previous companies because an interviewer will want to know how this experience is relevant to the job at hand.

Vague answers

Being vague in your interview can imply a lack of knowledge and experience and is therefore very likely to harm your chances of getting the job in question. Make sure you attend your interview well prepared with specific examples of how you have helped to contribute to the success of other companies and quantify these results wherever possible.

bad-impression-at-job-interviewBad body language

Chances are that a potential employer will make a decision about whether or not they like you within minutes of meeting you. To ensure that you always come across well, hold your chin up, sit up straight, smile, shake their hand confidently and make sure you maintain eye contact as this will help you to come across as confident.

Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience for many people but planning and practicing your questions and answers will help you to get through the process much more confidently and easily. If you are still struggling for confidence, the following peculiar behaviours hiring managers have witnessed during job interviews according to CareerBuilder should help to give you a boost.

  • When asked why he left his previous role, a candidate stated that he had to quit his banking position because he was always tempted to steal.
  • A candidate tried to deny that he had his mobile phone with him even though it could be heard ringing in his briefcase.
  • One hungry candidate emptied the employer’s sweet dish into her pocket.
  • One candidate lost out on a potential job offer by stating that he doesn’t like getting up early or reading.
  • Unsurprisingly, the interviewee who asked to get paid ‘under the table’ never got called back.
  • Whilst being enthusiastic is always a good thing at an interview, one applicant who offered to do anything to get the job whether it was legal or not, was not successful.
  • An interviewer was left less than impressed when a candidate called his wife mid-interview to ask what they were having for dinner.
  • Shockingly, one lady had the nerve to call in sick to her current employer whilst meeting a potential new employer.

What’s the worst thing a candidate has ever said or done to you during an interview? Let us know your thoughts below.

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