Top tips for the perfect interview follow-up strategy

Everybody knows that it’s a tough and competitive world out there when it comes to securing a new job. However, few people know that there are some simple interview follow-up tips that can secure you brownie points and give you the boost you need to guarantee that the job offer will be yours.

Follow up within 24 hours – The best time to reach out after an interview is within 24 hours. As well as showing that you’re keen and encouraging potential future employers to consider you as a strong contender, doing this can also give you some kind of indication as to where you stand. If you receive a positive and encouraging email back, chances are that you are in the running for the position.

Keep it short – Your follow up email should be short and sweet. Simply thank the interviewer for their time, reiterate your interest in the position, discuss a couple of your strengths and how the company would benefit if you are hired and finally, if you were unable to answer any questions during your interview, now is the time to do it.

Check your spelling – When sending your follow-up note, it’s absolutely vital to ensure that your accuracy is spot on. The correct spelling, punctuation and grammar is so important when trying to make a good first impression and if you are lazy with this, chances are that you won’t be considered for the role.

Don’t bombard the interviewer – If it wasn’t made clear in the interview when you are likely to hear if you have been successful or not, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask this in your follow-up letter. However, once you have done this, don’t contact them again until the date specified has passed. If you continue to phone and email the interviewer, you will come across as desperate and it could ruin your chances of being successful.

If you are going through a recruitment agency – Even if you secured your interview through a recruitment agency, this doesn’t mean that you can’t follow-up on your interview to them. It is the agency’s job to sell you to their client so if you show them that you are keen then they are more likely to push you over other candidates for the role.

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