The hiring process has changed.

As finance teams transition to remote working practices, clients are increasingly remote working ready and require candidates who have the right working skills who will benefit from the new normal, but some adaptation and changes are required:

  • Remote work benefits candidates by offering the option to pursue the job or career they really want, and clients gain a well motivated contributor to the organisation.
  • The hiring process has changed, interviewing and assessing candidates is performed online. If not set up well may well lead to lengthy, expensive hiring and onboarding times.

Choralis has adapted well to the new hiring processes that clients use and ensure candidates are well prepared for the remote interviewing process. Whilst the key modes for remote interviewing still remain phone and video channels, it’s a good idea for clients and candidates to be prepared to use assessment tools and aid making objective hiring decisions, even if both parties don’t meet in-person.

Potential assessments can include:

  • Simulation tests (e.g. case studies, giving presentations).
  • Work assignments (e.g. analysing financial information).
  • Skills assessments (e.g. MS Excel tests).
  • Cognitive ability tests (e.g. General Aptitude Test).
  • Personality and integrity tests.

Candidates working remotely also require a new set of soft skills, in addition to communication, resilience and social energy are looked upon as key remote working skills with particular focus on social energy; whether a candidate gains a “freedom” in setting their own hours and removing all the distractions typical of an office environment, as opposed to losing the social aspect of office life (i.e. a lunch with colleagues).

Resiliency in the normal office environment was always a requirement, but in the remote working environment this becomes something different, it is critical to be able to adapt and pivot quickly in a less structured work environment, where there are very few opportunities to walk to a colleague and discuss matters in person.

Choralis can assist you in your job search and ensure you are remote interview ready for your next opportunity!

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