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As many companies are increasing their recruitment intake, the nation’s job prospects are well and truly improving. While nearly half of all workers admit to keeping an eye out for new opportunities, it’s evident that we’re feeling more confident about changing careers or finding better roles elsewhere.

If you’re one of many people across the UK looking to kick-start your career, which sector should you be looking at? Below experts have revealed some of the most in-demand workers across the country.

Information Technology

Technology is always changing and improving so naturally, there’s always demand for IT workers. Very few people were online a decade ago which means that companies are still trying to perfect their digital efforts so those working in the IT sector don’t have to worry about demand for their profession dwindling anytime soon.

Healthcare, medical and nursing

Nurses are always in high demand in the UK, especially those working in operating theatres and neonatal intensive care units.


For a long time now, the UK has been facing a chronic skills shortage in this sector and engineers have therefore been in very high demand. Speaking about the shortage, Philip Greenish, Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Engineering commented:

“There are a range of factors that contribute to the skills shortage, including poor perceptions and lack of interest in engineering jobs; low attainment and progression in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects at school – which is exacerbated further at the FE and HE stages.”

He continued:

“Not enough young people are making engineering their career choice as it is a victim of its own transferrable skill and engineering talent is being lost to other professions.”

Accountancy and Finance

Being a qualified accountant is one of the most useful skills when it comes to long-term career planning. The good news for anyone planning a career in finance is that there’s growing demand for accountants and as a result, an increasing number of employers are looking to hire graduates into part-qualified positions to cover the current shortage.

One of the greatest benefits of training to become an accountant is that even if you change your mind about the profession, your skills can be transferred across a wide range of industries and businesses, including law and advertising.

Construction and Property

While the construction industry was hit hard during the recession, building activity has steadily risen over the last couple years. What’s more, salaries for construction professionals are rising, with quantity surveyors and estimators receiving the highest increases.

Human Resources

 As unemployment levels continue to fall in the UK, naturally, there has been growing demand for HR and recruitment professionals. As this happens, salaries in these sectors are increasing as well.

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