Dream jobs that really exist



When we were children, most of us dreamt about our future job. For the majority, this may have included aspirations of becoming a singer, actor, lawyer, doctor or veterinarian.

Whatever you grew up to be, by now you’ll be well aware that every job has its ups and downs. An exception to the rule may be some of the dream jobs listed below which believe it or not, do actually exist.


Penguinologists are zoologists who specialise in anything penguin-related. Admittedly, they might have to work in freezing conditions but they also get to work with penguins every day and help to reduce potential threats to their habitats.

Bed warmer 

One of the quirkiest jobs on this list is a professional bed warmer. Scientific evidence genuinely suggests that sleeping in a warm bed helps you to sleep better so some hotels hire people to warm up guests’ beds before they retire for the evening.

Tea taster

Us Brits love nothing more than a nice warm cup of tea so what job could possibly be better than a professional tea taster? Not only do these lucky employees get to taste tea for a living, they also get a generous starting salary and the job even involves traveling around the world.

If you’re not a fan of tea, the good news is that a number of similar roles exist including ice cream, beer, wine and chocolate tasters.

Professional sleeper

If you struggle to get out of bed for work in the morning, become a professional sleeper and this doesn’t have to be an issue ever again.

This role is normally in demand with researchers and doctors who are conducting studies into how sleep affects certain aspects of the brain. Some mystery shopping companies and hotels also hire professional sleepers to test out beds before they put them up for sale or use them in hotel rooms.

Netflix tagger

Last year, Netflix users watched a whopping 42.5 billion hours of television on the streaming service. If you’re one of the company’s 80 million subscribers, why not get paid for binge watching all your favourite shows?

It may sound way too good to be true but Netflix taggers are employed to watch and tag shows based on their genre and type. This is the very reason why Netflix can recommend similar shows to you based on the ones you’ve stated you like.

Panda nanny 

The ultimate dream job has to be a panda nanny. Not only do you get to play with and cuddle real-life panda bears, you get paid for the privilege. These professionals are employed to work alongside volunteers from all around the world in a bid to ensure that the pandas are happy and well looked after.

We might not be able to find you a job tasting chocolate, sleeping or cuddling pandas all day, but if you would like help finding your dream role, please feel free to contact Choralis Consulting and we will be more than happy to help.

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