Which accountancy role is right for you?



Accountancy is a fantastic industry to get into. If this is the career path you wish to go down however, it’s important to remember that today’s accountants are much more than just bookkeepers or auditors.

As a financial specialist, you will be right at the heart of any company you work for. In order to increase your chances of enjoying a long and successful career, your first step should be to identify the accountancy specialisation you wish to pursue.

Commercial finance

If you have a good understanding of business awareness as well as strong analytical skills, commercial finance could be the area for you.

This specialisation tends to focus heavily on consumer transactions, analysing the performance of products or services and making recommendations to maximise profits.

Corporate finance

If you’re an excellent communicator, possess good numeracy skills and have the resilience to work long hours under a lot of pressure, you’re well suited to a career in corporate finance.

Working in this specialisation mainly entails adding value to businesses through buying and selling. Roles range from lead advisors to reporting accountants and auditors.

Financial accounting

Financial accounting roles are well-suited to those who are analytical, inquisitive, good communicators and who have a desire to challenge and improve the way in which a company is run.

Financial accountants specialise in analysing and reporting on financial transactions which can provide important information on how a business is performing. They are often required to explain complex financial matters to those with little or no finance knowledge so good communication skills are a must.

Internal audit

Internal auditors tend to have a good eye for detail, a good knowledge of how businesses are run and the ability to communicate effectively.

The day-to-day role of an internal auditor involves looking closely at key areas of the business and reporting their findings to management. They often advise senior management when areas of the business are being run in an inefficient, financially risky or even fraudulent way.

Management accounting

If you have good decision-making skills, have a high degree of numeracy, a good level of business acumen and the ability to present complex financial information to your superiors, a career in management accounting could be for you.

This role deals with the supply of economic information which can aid decision-making processes which is why management accountants are often required to have in-depth knowledge about the sector they work in.


Those who have a talent for analysis and problem solving, who boast a high level of numeracy and can build good working relationships based on trust and discretion, would be well suited to a career in tax.

You may be asked to provide one-off solutions to a particular tax problem or you could be employed on an ongoing process to ensure compliance and cost-effective solutions.

If you would like help finding your next finance job, please feel free to contact Choralis Consulting and we will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, you can also have a look at our latest vacancies and apply directly through our website.


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