Six attributes of a great employee


Whether you’ve just started a new job, you’re working towards getting a promotion or you simply want to impress your manager, below are six attributes of a great employee which are bound to get you noticed.


Every company wants to hire people who are ambitious. The best employees will always want to improve their skills and set themselves big goals. Displaying this attribute will make you very attractive to employers because it shows that you’re hard working and you take pride in what you do.


A big part of working life does of course revolve around working with colleagues and being a good team player. Employers do however also desire those who can be independent and use their intuition. This means that you should have the inclination to get started on tasks even if your boss isn’t around and also have the ability to complete your work without being micro-managed.


If you ask any recruiter or employer what makes a great candidate, it’s passion. Every company wants enthusiastic staff who believe in what and who they’re working for because without a shadow of a doubt, this attitude reflects on the work they do.

If you attend a job interview and can’t show that you really love what you do, chances are that you won’t be invited back for a second interview. Similarly, if you’re already in a role and are angling for a promotion, you have to make people believe that this is something you really want and will do anything to achieve.


Everyone struggles with a lack of confidence from time-to-time and although this is perfectly normal, try not to let it affect your work. Employers like confident employees because it means that they believe in their abilities and as a result, they’re more likely to push themselves and take risks.

If you’re struggling to find your confidence in the office, try to identify why this is and work out how you can address it. If for example it takes you a long time to complete projects and you regularly get asked to re-do things, perhaps this is because it has never been explained to you properly. Asking for more training will not only help you to understand your job better but it will also improve your confidence and prove to your manager that you’re enthusiastic.


Creativity is a highly desirable attribute in the workplace because companies often get their best and most innovative ideas from their employees. Creative people also tend to ask unexpected questions and question the status quo which is exactly what businesses need in order to keep them moving in the right direction.


Everyone loves positive people and this is an attribute that will get you very far in the workplace. Not only does this show your manager that you’re enthusiastic about your job but positive people are also great for office morale and can really help to boost productivity.

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