The rudest things people do at work

We all have bad habits but most of us like to think that we don’t subject our colleagues to them. Unfortunately, we may be doing this without even realising it or we could even be doing things that we think are socially acceptable but it’s really annoying to your co-workers. Voted by employees up and down the country, here are some of the rudest and most irritating habits colleagues display.

Bad language

Believe it or not, a 2013 Harris Interactive Survey revealed that the top workplace offensive behaviour is bad language. Whilst it’s fine to let the occasional profanity slip, repeated or aggressive swearing is seriously frowned upon by colleagues.

Never buying the coffees

Once upon a time, getting a round in meant going to the pub after work. These days however, coffee culture is huge and many teams in many offices across the UK will embark on their daily trip to their favourite coffee shop. Make sure you remember when it’s your turn however because not getting your round in when it comes to the coffee run is a big bugbear amongst colleagues.

Checking your phone while talking to other people

The vast majority of us will probably admit to being at least slightly obsessive with checking our phone – just make sure you don’t do it while talking to other people however. An online poll carried out by Buzzfeed recently revealed that an unbelievable 49% of employees complained that their boss checks their phone while having a conversation with them.

Boasting about how much you earn 

Nobody likes a bragger and this is especially the case when it comes to salary. There’s a reason why employers keep employee salaries confidential – it’s none of anybody’s business and it will do nothing except cause issues. Finding out that someone earns more than you is a surefire way to make you feel bad about yourself and if other people find out you earn more than them, they may resent you and it could affect your work relationship.

Not giving people credit for their ideas

It has happened to all of us – we’ve come up with an idea but we were either too scared to speak up about it or didn’t shout about it loud enough. Someone else then comes along and steals your thunder and gets all the credit. Nobody likes people who do that and it’s a guaranteed way to ensure that your colleagues don’t like you and will never share ideas with you again. If someone has come to you with an idea but doesn’t have the confidence to bring it up in a big group, make sure you give them the credit if you decide to share it.

Talking over other people

Some of us love to talk so much that we can’t even pause for other people to have a say. Whilst it’s unlikely that you’re doing this on purpose or even realise you’re doing it, unfortunately, you will be annoying your colleagues. By continually interrupting other people you are sending out the message that you value your opinion more than anyone else’s and people will start to resent you for it. Additionally, if you’re the only one talking in meetings, people will start to tune out. If you know you’re guilty of this try to make an effort to ask other people questions and try to bite your tongue from time to time and let other people do the talking.

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