The UK’s most popular companies – 2015

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Tim Beach @

The image that your company portrays is vital to your brand and the success of your company. As well as ensuring that customers return to you time and time again, achieving a positive brand image is imperative if you want to attract and retain the right employees.

Market analysts at the Centre for Brand Analysis have just finished compiling the results of their latest survey and have revealed the top 20 companies in the UK that consumers trust the most.


1) British Airways

British Airways has held onto its title as the UK’s leading consumer superbrand for yet another year. The airline had tough competition from more than 1,500 different companies but unlike other household brands including Cadburys, Heinz and Marks & Spencer who have dropped out of the nation’s top 20 favourite brands, it seems as though British Airways continues to remain in our hearts.

2) Rolex

3) BBC

4) Microsoft

Not only have Microsoft come in higher than their rivals, Apple – they have also finished two places higher than they did last year.

5) Nike

6) John Lewis

While their rivals Marks & Spencer have fallen out of the top 20 for the first time in five years, John Lewis has done incredibly well to re-enter the list for the first time since 2012.

7) Gillette

8) Mercedez-Benz

9) Kellogg’s

10) Apple

Just about securing a place in the top 10 is Apple who has climbed 4 places compared to last year. This is no doubt thanks to a boost in sales from the latest iPhones.

11) LEGO

12) Andrex

The world-famous toilet paper brand continues to be loved and trusted by the British public as do other low-cost household names such as Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s.

13) Boots

The High Street chemist has moved up two places this year from 15 to 13.

14) Dyson

Dyson is a new entry this year and has surprisingly beaten the likes of other popular vacuum cleaner brands in the UK including Hoover and Henry.

15) Coca-Cola

Despite the latest health concerns about sugar it seems as though us Brits just can’t get enough of Coca-Cola and the huge variety of products they sell.

16) Fairy

17) BMW

18) Google

Whilst a spot in the top 20 is an amazing achievement for any company, unfortunately for Google it’s a bit bittersweet because they have fallen from seventh place in 2014. It’s the search engine’s third consecutive fall and its biggest to date.

19) Haagen-Dazs

A new entry this year, the luxurious ice cream brand has been voted into the leading group along with Fairy – both pushing more traditional brands such as Cadburys and Heinz out the picture.

20) Virgin Atlantic

Another new entry into this year’s 20 most popular companies in the UK. Although Virgin is still a long way off British Airways in our eyes, they will no doubt be working extra hard to ensure they stay ahead of the American company.

The companies that didn’t make the top 20:

Reflecting the changing world of retail, one of Britain’s favourite retailers, Marks & Spencer fell out of the top 20 for the first time since 2009. Surprisingly, online companies have struggled this year as well. Amazon has also fallen out of the top 20 and social media giants Facebook and Twitter are still notably absent from the top group.

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