The mistakes you’re making on your CV that could be costly

Your CV is arguably the most important tool you will use in your entire job search – after all this is all you have to attract a potential employer’s attention before getting in front of them. Whilst there is plenty of advice about what you should be putting on your CV, there are so many mistakes candidates make that unbeknown to them are costing them interviews and possibly jobs.

Below are some of the biggest errors that recruiters see time and time again and why they put them off inviting candidates in for interviews.

Spelling and grammatical errors

If your CV is full of typos then you can guarantee that the only place it will be going is the bin. Aside from creating the impression that you couldn’t be bothered to spend the time checking your CV before sending it out, it would also make any employer question whether your work quality would be of the same poor standard.

Not tailoring your CV to the job

If all the jobs you’re applying for are incredibly similar with regards to responsibilities and skills required, then you may get away with using the same CV throughout your job search. This is unlikely however and most people tend to broaden their horizons when looking for a new job. Every company is different and therefore they are going to be looking for different skills, qualifications and personalities.

It may be time-consuming but it’s well worth tailoring your CV accordingly. Only include your experience that’s necessary to the role you’re applying for and ensure you mention the skills that they’re looking for.

Not including keywords

Whether recruiters are searching job boards or sifting through all the applications they have received, the vast majority of them will use a system that enables them to filter CVs by searching for keywords. This means that if your CV doesn’t include the appropriate words, it’s unlikely to ever be seen by a human. Have a read through some job adverts for your industry and pay attention to the keywords they’re using and then ensure that you have mentioned these enough times on your CV.


On one hand the Internet has made job hunting easier than ever but on the other, it has made life more difficult for candidates. The vast majority of employers will search for candidates on LinkedIn and other social media sites to get a feel for who they are. This means that not only do you have to be incredibly careful about what you’re posting, you also need to ensure that your online profile matches the information you have put on your CV.

If you need help putting together your CV then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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