Jobs that are predicted to exist in the future


With technology advancing at an incredible pace, the workplace has seen huge changes over the last decade. As well as improving the way we work, many new jobs and industries have been created as a result. For example, SEO experts and website designers are in high demand as are online shopping and price comparison websites. What can we expect for the future however? Below are just a few jobs that are predicted to surface within the next 15 years.


Telesurgery, also known as remote surgery, will allow trained surgeons to operate on patients remotely using robotic arms, a master controller and a sensory system that provides feedback back to the surgeon. Although this makes it sound like studying to become a surgeon will become a whole lot easier, in fact, as well as a degree in medication, surgeons will also need to have a background in robotics and telecommunication technology.


It’s no secret that concerns are growing for the effect that humans are having on the environment. Although there are many charities and groups who are already doing everything they can to help reverse the damage, in the not too distant future, this is likely to go one step further. The job of a rewilder will be to help undo the damage that we have caused to the countryside. Duties are set to include tearing down fences and ripping apart roads and replacing them with forests and natural greenery.

End of Life Therapist

As people continue to live longer and longer, planning for the last stages of life is not only going to become standard practice, but an absolute necessity. It will be the role of End of Life Therapists to act as a guide for those planning the years before their death.

Robot Counsellor

As robots start to play an even bigger role in our lives, it’s predicted that it won’t be uncommon for those with a healthy bank balance to own robots that act as servants or caregivers. It won’t be as simple as walking into a shop and buying your very own robot however. Those looking to purchase one for their home will need to work with a robot counsellor who will help to determine which model is best suited to the family’s needs. If a particular robot doesn’t fit in with the family, the counsellor will be on hand to determine better options as well as provide additional care and customer service.


As technology has continued to advance over the last few decades, there is no question about it that the world has become increasingly globalised. Believe it or not, by 2030 it is predicted that the focus will shift back to local communities who are going to rely less on the global marketplace thanks to breakthroughs in solar and wind power, at home 3D printing and the return of gardening.

What are your predictions for the job market over the next 15 years and which roles would you like to see introduced? Let us know your thoughts below.

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