How to get motivated after the Christmas holidays

Lacking Motivation

It seems like just yesterday the Christmas parties were in full swing, the presents were piled high under the tree and some much needed time off was on the cards. Within the blink of an eye however, January has come around fast and it’s back to reality for all of us.

The start of the New Year doesn’t have to be cold, depressing and full of gloom however. Below are some great ideas to help you get motivated once again and see January as a great opportunity to make a fresh start.


On your first day back in the office, chances are that you’re inbox is going to be full, you still have tasks to finish from before Christmas and everyone is full of weird and wonderful ideas for the New Year. The prospect of this is daunting at the best of times – let alone after a nice relaxing break so it’s not surprising that many of us struggle at this time of year. To help yourself deal with this, set aside a bit of time on your first day back to write out a ‘to-do’ list. This not only helps to put things into perspective, it also means you can prioritise your workload which will help everything to feel much less daunting.

Set goals

The New Year is a great time to set yourself new goals in your professional and personal life. If you find yourself suffering from the January blues once you’re back in the office then why not set yourself a goal? Whether it’s something as small as completing that task that has been on your ‘to-do’ list for months or working towards that promotion, no matter how big or small the task is, once you have completed it you will feel great. Even the process of working towards your achievement feels great because you know you are getting closer to your goal.

Have something to look forward to

We all feel more positive when we have something to look forward to which is why everyone is so happy around Christmas. Once the celebrations are over, the decorations have come down and winter is in full force though, it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing to look forward to. Regardless of whether it’s something work related or an event going on in your personal life, get something in the diary that you can really look forward to. This will help get you through the cold winter months and your excitement will help you feel more motivated in every aspect of your life.

Look for new opportunities

If your reluctance to go back to work is more than just the January blues, then perhaps it’s time to move on. Although it’s perfectly normal to feel sad that the Christmas holidays are over, if you are experiencing a huge amount of distress then chances are that you’re in the wrong job. Staying in a role that makes you miserable isn’t beneficial to anyone and over time you will just become more miserable. If this sounds familiar then January is a fantastic time to look for a new job because many people are looking for a fresh start around this time.

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