Job hunting lessons you should forget

We’ve all been given more job advice in our lifetime than we probably know what to do with. Whilst this is great when it comes to finding a new job, believe it or not, there are some bad job hunting habits that could be making your search much more difficult than it needs to be. Below are some of the most common job hunting lessons that are better off forgotten.

Apply for as many jobs as possible

Those who are unemployed and looking for work are frequently told to make job hunting a full-time activity so they can apply for as many jobs as possible. This tactic often backfires for several reasons however. First of all, it’s better to go for quality over quantity. Applying for a few jobs that you are really passionate about is guaranteed to offer more long-term benefits than going for anything just because you need a job.

Secondly, applying for jobs shouldn’t be a quick process. If you see a role you like the look of and want to increase the chances of securing an interview, tailor your CV and cover letter to each application.

Get blinded by big brand names

It goes without saying that most people would love to say that they work for a highly successful, large, multinational company. Although having a big name on your CV will always look great to future employers, by limiting yourself to only approaching certain companies, you could be missing out on your perfect role. Believe it or not, in the private sector, 99.9% of companies have less than 50 members of staff and most have less than 10. By ignoring SMEs you are instantly limiting yourself to the jobs available and may find yourself job hunting for a very long time.

Don’t contact the company again if you don’t get the job

When rejected from a job, it’s natural to shy away from contacting the company again. Regardless of whether you have applied for a job or interviewed with a company directly or through a recruitment agency, if you were really keen on the job, it’s always a good idea to keep the lines of communication open.

Always ask for feedback if you attended an interview because it can help with other job interviews. Knowing why you weren’t quite right may also be hugely beneficial when roles come up at the same company in the future.

Additionally, by keeping in touch with the company or recruitment agency every once in a while, you will start to build a relationship and the next time a suitable role comes up, they are far more likely to remember you.

Job boards are the best place to find a job

Online job boards are a great place to start your job search, but don’t just leave it there. Not all vacancies are advertised online so don’t be afraid to contact companies directly. A recruitment agency is also a fantastic way of getting into a company because they will have already built a trusted relationship with their client so if you can get them to buy into you, they are highly likely to put in a good word for you.

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