How to be exceptionally successful in a new job

Starting a new job is an exciting time. Faced with the prospect of this being the first day of the rest of your life, you walk in enthusiastic and raring to go. Just a few months down the line however, every day starts to feel the same, your enthusiasm dwindles and your thoughts start to wonder elsewhere.


To make sure you don’t get stuck in this cycle every time you start a new job, here are some ways to really stand out, stay enthusiastic and best of all, be successful.

Behave as if you are still being interviewed

Once you have secured your new job, it’s tempting to take a step back and relax a bit. After all, they chose to hire you out of everyone else they interviewed so they must like you. Remember though, you haven’t actually done anything for your new company yet so you still have a lot to prove. Think of your fist couple months as an extended interview – show up every day thinking that you need to prove that you deserve to be hired. Not only will this show your employers that they made the right decision, but you will learn and achieve much more as well as increase your chances of securing a promotion.

Build the right relationships

Building good relationships with colleagues undoubtedly makes working life much more enjoyable. Whilst forming friendships in the workplace is great and important, remember that work involves work, not just conversation. Be nice, friendly and anything else you would normally do to be yourself but remember that the best working relationships are built on respect and trust which are gained through actions and performance.

Prove yourself by pitching in, helping out and meeting your work commitments because this will earn you the respect and trust of others and pave the way to truly great professional relationships.

Go the extra mile

When you first start a new job, you might not necessarily have the same level of skills or experience that your colleagues who have been there for much longer do. Providing you have the willingness to learn and try hard though, this isn’t normally an issue. In time you will pick things up and everyone will view you as a valuable team member that is happy to pitch in.

Model yourself on the high performers

Every company is different and that means that someone who was a top performer at their previous company might not necessarily be able to repeat this in a new role using the same techniques. Pick out the high performers in your new company and study them. Figure out how they work, how they approach problems, what decisions they make and what their relationships are like with other colleagues. If these techniques are working for other people then there is no reason why it can’t work for you as well.

Make yourself known for something

Successful people tend to have a quality that makes them stand out in some special or unique way. Work hard to be known for something specific – a worthwhile mission that truly benefits the company and other employees. This will help you to stand out in the best possible way and people will start to rely on you for it.

When approached correctly, a job really can offer everything an employee could possibly want – training, progression, stability and even fun. It is possible to fulfil both your goals and the company’s goals which at the end of the day is what employer and employee relationships are all about.

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