The 10 words you are using on your LinkedIn profile that are an instant turn off to recruiters

There is no denying that LinkedIn has transformed the way that recruitment is carried out LinkedInfor many of us. Recruiters now have quick and easy access to millions of candidates fitting any calibre they desire and job seekers benefit greatly from a professional online profile that is instantly reachable by thousands of companies.

However, with over 200 million registered users now utilizing the social media platform, it can be a challenge getting your profile to stand out. Whilst users have started to realise the value of powerful keywords, there are certain phrases that have become an instant turn off to recruiters.

At the end of last year, LinkedIn scoured the profiles of all its members and generated a list of the most overused and useless buzzwords that appear on people’s pages again and again. If you think that being ‘dynamic’ and having excellent ‘communication skills’ is going to set you apart from the rest, think again. Here is a list of the most off-putting words on LinkedIn in order of how over-used they are:

  • Creative
  • Organisational
  • Effective
  • Motivated
  • Extensive Experience
  • Track Record
  • Innovative
  • Responsible
  • Analytical
  • Problem Solving

It is well worth spending a few minutes going through your profile to ensure that you haven’t unnecessarily repeated the words above. After all, if you’re trying to stand out against millions of other people, the only way to do this is to differentiate yourself from the majority.

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