Weekly News Update

Every week we will be posting a brief synopsis of some news stories we have come across that we think you will be interested in. If you have seen anything recently that you think our readers might enjoy, please feel free to send them in.

The Metro –

An article in The Metro revealed that the UK job market is at its strongest for three years with employers reporting a ten per cent rise in job opportunities compared to this time last year. Additionally to this, there is a renewed confidence in the labour market with three out of four employees saying that they feel secure in their current post.

The Telegraph –

The Daily Telegraph has reported that an unprecedented squeeze on workers’ pay has led to a ‘jobs without growth’ economy, with labour productivity and standards falling. Official UK data showed the number of people in work reached almost 30 million between September and November 2012, up by more than 500,000 compared to the year earlier and the highest figure since records began.

However, economists have said that ordinary Britons are paying the price for record unemployment teamed up with below-inflation growth. Experts have said that whilst more people are currently in work, effectively, they are doing this for less money.

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