Why December is a powerful month for recruitment

Christmas TreeDecember is a notoriously quiet month for businesses. People are getting into the Christmas spirit, going on holiday and taking time off work so for most companies, this is usually one of the quietest times of the year.

However, if your line of business is in finance recruitment like ours, then December is actually a prime recruiting month that is full of golden opportunities. Many employees will have a reduced workload during the Christmas period which means that they have some free time to consider looking for a new job. As well as this, people often find themselves re-evaluating their current work and life situation so are much more likely to be willing to make changes.

Below are some more reasons why strategically, December is a surprisingly great month for those in finance recruitment and any other type of recruitment in fact.

  • Many people take unused holiday in December either because it’s a nice time of year to have off or because they will lose it if they don’t take it by January. This means that not only do potential candidates have more time to look for and apply for jobs, but they are also far more likely to respond to phone calls and attend interviews.


  • With so much going on in December such as last minute Christmas shopping, family trips and Christmas parties, employers are used to their staff taking an extra few hours or the odd day off work. Knowing that any last minute holiday requests won’t be seen as suspicious, candidates are going to be much more willing to take half a day off to attend an interview than they would at any other time of the year.


  • With everyone approaching the festive season in such a relaxed manner, it means that you are unlikely to have much competition during this time. If everybody in finance recruitment decides to take it easy around Christmas, this is a fantastic opportunity to get ahead of the competition, build relationships with clients and fill jobs that would have otherwise been ignored.


  • With all the Christmas parties that are going on, December is a fantastic time for networking. With you and your staff attending more events and speaking to more people, you are increasing the likelihood of meeting great quality candidates and having your business referred to someone who is currently recruiting.


  • Everybody knows what an expensive time of year December is and with presents to buy, new outfits to find and plenty more trips to the pub to fund, people are much more likely to think about money during this period. If somebody is struggling to get through the festive season financially, chances are that they are going to be much more likely to consider taking a new position if it offers more money.

Regardless of whether you are in finance recruitment or a completely different industry, do you find Christmas to be a busy or a quiet time of year? Let us know your thoughts below.

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