Employment levels looking good for UK temporary market

Although employment levels in the UK are still being heavily impacted by the unstable economic climate, a new study has revealed that the outlook is looking good for temporary recruitment. The report released by Venn Group has detailed that Financial Services, the public sector and Commerce and Industry are performing relatively well in comparison to other markets.

Huge changes within the public sector means that high levels of activity are prompting an increase in demand for temporary recruitment so that front line services are maintained. In London alone there has been an 8.6% rise in jobs and it has been stated that there is still demand for finance and IT experts – particularly within the NHS.

With a 6.9% increase in the number of temporary vacancies in the financial services sector, the future is also looking good for these professionals. Robert McLeod, Director of Venn’s financial Services operation within London has said:

“Although there have been reports that this sector is performing badly, the Interim market is still thriving as experienced professionals are being drafted in to work on projects”.

As expected, the London Olympics has provided a much needed boost to Commerce & Industry. Also enjoying a 6.9% rise in temporary recruitment, regions all over the country are capitalising on the Olympic effect – not just London as many suspected.

There is more good news for the interim market as wages for temporary professionals both in the public and private sectors have remained competitive. The average professional working in London can be expected to command on average, £302 per day. In the North West, average day rates have increased by £49 and in the South West, £52 since last quarter.

Whilst there is no doubt that the employment market is facing difficult times, temporary recruitment seems to be on the rise. What are your opinions about the market? As a recruiter are you more willing to hire someone on a temporary basis? Alternatively, are you a candidate who has found that there is more work available now compared to the beginning of the year? Let us know your thoughts below.

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