Finance Recruitment Set to Pick Up in 2012

2012 is set to be a great year for financial recruitment as more than half of finance professionals are expecting their companies to start hiring again. Despite only being a couple of months into the New Year, there has already been a particular demand for accountants working within the manufacturing, engineering and professional services.

This much welcomed forecast is a positive sign and a reflection that the job market is starting to recover for finance and accountancy professionals. Many companies have also expressed their concern over the lack of quality candidates currently available for accounting roles which paves the way for those who are highly skilled.

Blessed with the knowledge that there are many employers currently on the look-out for valuable new members of staff, candidates now have the opportunity to prove themselves worthy. Whereas even the cream-of-the-crop has struggled to get their foot in the door over recent years, good accountants are now being presented with the chance of wowing potential future bosses.

With firms now showing a greater inclination to hire new staff, a good CV has never been so important. As hiring managers are being given the go ahead to open their doors once again, chances are that they are going to be inundated from CVs from eager candidates. This information should far from encourage people from applying to positions though because as stated earlier, what employers feel they are lacking is quality not quantity.

When looking for a new member of staff, a CV is the only thing a company has and therefore this is all they have to judge a candidate on. Failing on this first vital hurdle – which is something most candidates appear to be doing – means that they don’t stand a chance. However, taking the time to put effort into a CV is the one single move that can put two candidates who would normally be at the same level miles apart from each other.

There has also been some good news for those who are already working in finance and accountancy as they are set to receive a boost in their pay packet. A recent survey which was conducted by Morgan McKinley has revealed that 48% of respondents are expecting their salaries to increase and 58% are expecting to receive bonuses this year.

After a tough couple of years there is no doubt that employers, candidates and recruitment agencies are all relieved to finally see the light at the end of what has been a very long and dark tunnel.

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