Salary Survey

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Salary Survey
ExpandFinance Director Group FD £100m+ T/O Divisional FD £100m+ T/O FD £100m+ T/O
London 200-400k 100-250k 100-250k
Thames Valley/M4 Corridor 150-400k 75-225k 80-200k
ExpandFinance Controller Group Finance Controller £100m T/O Finance Controller £100m T/O Finance Manager £100m T/O
London 80-150k 75-150k 65-90k
Thames Valley/M4 Corridor 85-135k 58-100k 45-85k
ExpandInternal Audit £30-100m 1-2yrs Audit Experience Manager Senior Internal Auditor
London 21-25k 55-70k 40-48k
ExpandNewly Qualified Accountants Qualifying in ACA Qualifying in CIMA Qualifying in ACCA
Central London 45-50k 40-46k 37-45k
The City 47-52k 47-57k 40-50k
M4 Corridor 45-50k 34-43k 35-44k
Herts/Beds/Bucks 42-47k 38-42k 38-42k
ExpandCIMA CIMA Foundation CIMA Part Qualified CIMA Finalist
Central London 19-23k 25-33k 30-37k
The City 20-24k 25-35k 30-40k
M4 Corridor 17-21k 24-30k 30-35k
Herts/Beds/Bucks 18-22k 25-28k 27-32k
ExpandACCA ACCA ACCA Part Qualified ACCA Finalist
Central London 18-22k 25-32k 29-35k
The City 19-23k 35-33k 31-39k
M4 Corridor 16.5-21.5k 24-30k 27-34k
Herts/Beds/Bucks 17-22k 25-28k 27-33k
ExpandAccounts Assistant & Credit Control Accounts Assistant Credit Control 2-5yrs Experience  
Central London 23-28k 22-26k
The City 23-27k 28-30k
M4 Corridor 20-26k 21-25k
Herts/Beds/Bucks 20-25k 19-22k

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